SuperCruise Drive Groups

Want to enjoy your performance exotic in a safe, no-limits, non-competitive environment?


SuperCruise is designed for drivers who own a performance car but don’t really get to enjoy its potential often enough. Track days can be way too competitive and the street is not a safe place for the triple digit speeds these cars are capable of.

Limited spots will be sold for Super Cruise and we will break up into 3 groups based on ability to keep the number of cars on the track manageable. A mandatory Drivers Meeting will be held before going out on the track.

Tickets include access to the Gourmet Food Experience all day (breakfast, lunch & Charcuterie Social).   There are ticket options to purchase 2 sessions or 4 sessions of driving.

Groups will be limited to 25 drivers each so be sure and sign up early.


1) Must be at least 18 years old and possess a current valid Driver’s license

2) Helmets are required. M2000 or SA2000 or newer.

3) Space is limited, groups are limited to 25 cars.

4) Seat belts must function properly, be in good condition, and be of a minimum three point design (shoulder and lap belt).

5) Open toed shoes are not allowed

6) Cars shall be in good mechanical condition. Tires should be in good condition, the wheels properly tightened, and plenty of brake pad.

7) We will run Rain or Shine

8) Passengers over the age of 14 are allowed this year.

9) Some insurance companies do not cover you for a track event. It is best to check with your insurance company.


1) Arrive at the track between 7:30am – 8:00am

2) Sign the waiver at the gate

3) Attend the Mandatory Driver’s Meeting.  The Drivers Meeting will be held promptly at 8:15 am on the grand stands next to the PIR tower.

4) Taste of Motorsports is a “Self-Tech” event. You are responsible for the mechanical condition of your vehicle

5) Drink plenty of water throughout the day