Radford Racing School

Chandler, Arizona

March, 19th + 20th  2022

The FUTURE is NOW! Taste of Motorsports transports you into the future of outdoor auto shows to experience the latest automotive offerings in the dynamic setting of world class racetracks.

Saturday, March 19th is our Exotics Experience. Premium Tickets are available to track your own car on Radford Racing Schools road course or to attend as a spectator. All Saturday EE ticket holders are treated to an “All-Inclusive” day of Gourmet Food, On-Track experiences with professional drivers and the sights and sounds of Exotic Supercars being driven as they were meant to be.

Sunday, March 2oth is open to the public with General Admission tickets available. From exotics to performance sedans, SUV’s and the latest electric vehicles, guests have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities from high G thrill rides on the big track to breathtaking short course blasts. There is no better way to experience the features of today’s automotive offerings.

$300 at gate 

  • Includes Breakfast & Lunch
  • Access to “Demo Experience” Hot Laps (click HERE for more info)

$60 at gate 


  • Includes Breakfast & Lunch

$550 at gate 

  • Bring your own car to drive on the track
  • Four – 20 Minute Sessions
  • Includes Breakfast & Lunch
  • Access to “Demo Experience” Hot Laps (click HERE for more info)

Super Cruise is designed for drivers who own a performance car but don’t really get to enjoy its potential often enough. Track days can be way too competitive and the street is not a safe place for the triple digit speeds these cars are capable of.

Only 20 spots will be sold for Super Cruise and we will break up into 3 groups to keep the number of cars on the track manageable. A mandatory Drivers Meeting will be held at 9 AM before going out on the track.

* Groups will be limited so be sure and sign up early.